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Established in Vietnam since 1998, Häfele has strengthened its footprint throughout the country with large distribution centers in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang. Our extensive product range of up to 120,000 different kinds worldwide, including more than 5,000 items available in our Vietnam warehouses, along with excellent delivery service and dedicated personnel team offering comprehensive solutions, top quality and services have made us a reliable choice for customers.

Our Competencies

For all our experience and expertise in the building trades, one goal drives us: to make things better. Whether the application is commercial, architectural or residential, we seek to improve the world through products that make life more convenient and more fulfilling. Through our unique capabilities in manufacturing and sourcing, we place our customers and their end-users at the center of all product development.

Superior range of products

With its 35,000 products, “The Complete Häfele” has been the preferred industry reference tool since 1971. The worldwide overall range encompasses more than 220,000 articles - Every one of these products is designed as a solution for a very specific purpose and to assist our customers in realizing their diverse ideas. Häfele Engineering is constantly developing new products and improving existing ones in order to allow our partners to get their work done better, faster, more efficiently and more creatively.

Intense focus on service

Häfele not only offers good products, but also maximum support in terms of consultation, procurement and processing. This is the reason we have invested in a comprehensive service concept that includes product range catalogues, and local expert consulting services. Shortly after introducing the 360° Project Service for the construction industries, the company set up Häfele Engineering GmbH & Co KG, a new company dedicated to delivering a complete array of services ranging from idea development to marketing for the furniture industry. Our customers can always find experienced and knowledgeable contacts there. Besides, in Vietnam, we have the customer response center team (CRC) who handles all customer service requests via our new toll free hotline 1800 1797.

Unique logistics services

Products have to reach the customer as quickly and reliably as possible – a guiding principle our founder Adolf Häfele adopted as his own. Today, 150,000 products are available 24/7. Our intelligent worldwide digital network system is connected to a powerful and highly advanced logistics center in Nagold, which is the international hub for Häfele hardware and fitting systems supported by strategically located decentralized installations around the world. Together they ensure a fast and transparent flow of goods around the world. The system offers our customers the highest levels of efficiency and flexibility and economical service – even for customized solutions through our manufacturing divisions.

German quality is available worldwide

Precision, durability, functionality and user-friendliness are the focus for the selection, development and production of our products. Häfele insists on German quality and tests and checks accordingly in all of our products, without compromise – including even those sourced in foreign markets.

International expertise, local presence

We have always looked beyond country borders; it is an important part of our history. The Group now supplies customers in 150 countries, 37 subsidiaries and many additional dealerships around the world. This is beneficial for Häfele’s customers as they have access to international knowledge and expertise as well as flexibly local and personal service.

A dynamic innovator

Constantly thinking ahead is part of our DNA. Our corporate history was shaped by visionary entrepreneurs that implemented their own innovative thinking and ideas across all areas of our business. In fact many new industry standards and innovations were pioneered by Häfele. At Häfele, resting on our laurels has never been an option.


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