Established in 2007, Fountainhead undertakes ambitious architectural and interior projects, consistently delivering innovative design and construction solutions using strategic thinking, analysis and investigation. We respond to global and local projects alike with a consistent direction and support for every effort to ensures clear communication and effective collaboration.
Fountainhead provides clear, measurable value to clients in every sector. Recognizing that every project demands a uniquely tailored response, we are highly rigorous in both our exploration and implementation. We define and realize our clients’ business ideals, meeting real-world needs through customized spatial solutions. Our team values the collaborative process, and the holistic product that results. These attributes are complemented by a true commitment to producing only the very best work.


Define: project management, workplace stategy
Design: interior design
          space planning
Deliver: projects across all sectors including hospitality, office, retail, restaurant, technology, education and healthcare  .
We love what we do and that’s why, for us, it’s not just about the design and build, it’s about the journey to the moment of life.


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