Mission & Objective

SBAV Missions
To actively foster business relations with other business communities whilst promoting social, cultural, recreational, educational and charitable activities.
SBAV Vision
To be a caring, cohesive, and reputable premier business group in Vietnam
SBAV Objectives
The Association shall be unincorporated, independent, non-profit making organization and its objects shall to promote business and social interests of its members, through:

a) Promoting business relations amongst Members as well as with Vietnamese enterprises and other foreign business communities;
b) Organising regular networking functions amongst its Members, with other business communities and where appropriate with local and national authorities;
c) Gathering and disseminating to Members relevant information for the benefit of Members;
d) Organising seminars and dialogues on relevant business-oriented topics of interests to Members;
e) Co-operating with local and national authorities to seek Members' feedback on laws, regulations and procedures relevant to enhancing the attractiveness of Vietnam's business environment;
f) Promoting social and educational activities for its Members and;
g) Undertaking any other activities that are consistent with the Group's objectives within the laws of Vietnam.