In Financial and IT Consultancy


Chia Han Meng

Blitz IT Consultants

Founder & CEO


Han Meng has joined SBAV since 2012 and has volunteered as an Exco member since then.


In many ways, the travails of Blitz in its early years of formation described the journey of its founder, Chia Han Meng as he left the comfort of a corporate career to navigate the choppy waters of entrepreneurship in 1998.


Fast forward 17 years later, Blitz has undergone many peaks and troughs of the marketplace under the dedicated leadership and visionary foresight of Chia. With a team of capable lieutenants and more than 40-strong skilled IT and Financial Consultants today, Chia has successfully deepened the footprints of Blitz in the regional market with the latest addition of Myanmar office that was opened in 2012. This brings the network of Blitz offices across the region to a total of 5.



Since then, its suite of product offerings has also expanded from SWIFT-related financial payments solutions, network security solutions, Anti-Money Laundering & Regulatory Compliance Bureau services to Cloud-Computing. Chia has singled out the delivery of hosted services over the internet or otherwise known as Cloud-Computing, as one of our key developments for the next 5 years.